About Budgie World

How did it all start!

Don’t you love budgies? So, do we! We may be different races, at different locations, or even speak different languages. But we all have one thing in common we speak Budgie! That is why we have spent countless hours teaching about these magnificent little birds that we call our Feathered Friends.

Our Mission!

We realized we struggled to find a website that is fully dedicated to budgies, and actively share important educational tutorials and informative tips on how to raise a healthy budgie. So we have made it our mission to provide all budgie lovers with all the information they need in one place!

Since Budgie World was created it was well known of how passionate it is about budgies.

during the year 2019, one of the most iconic, sad and sensitive video was featured as the trailer of the youtube channel titled “IMPORTANT MESSAGE from a Young Budgie to the World – SPREAD AWARENESS!”

it was narrated in the first person of a young budgie’s voice pleading to the world to take a better care of his king!

What do we offer?

What we are good at.

Trust our experience!

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We adjust according to what our fans are looking for, we make content and videos according to what YOU want to know more about.

Social Media

You can find us on various social media platforms, to interact with us and share with thousands of other budgie owners your concerns or just your beautiful moments with your budgies.

Best Education

We've made it our mission to answer every little question you may have, so we made so many different videos and articles to cover anything you can imagine, and opened Budgie Wiki.

Budgie World

Everything you need to know about budgies all in one place.

Rich Experience

We have had budgies for decades, and we try to share everything about them to the world.

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